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without this?"


That's what people say the first day they use this phenomenal day trading tool, the Pivot Point Calculator. 

Double or triple your trading profits using the Pivot Point Calculator.


If you are a serious stock trader, like me, then you're on this page because you want that little edge, the one that can double or triple your day trading profits.

Whether you a novice day trader or a veteran stock trader, if you not using the Stock Pivot Point Calculator, then you're missing trades and leaving money ($$$) on the table.

What is a Pivot Point Calculator?


Simply put, the Pivot Point in a day trade is the price at which a stock will usually "break out" or "collapse" for the day. Sounds simple enough, right?  It also can be major support or major resistance!

The Pivot Point Calculator is the perfect companion to ANY trading program, strategy, or day trading philosophy. OR use this as a stand alone trading program.  Even if you are only an occasional day trader, this is for you.
Let me tell you how the Pivot Point Calculator came to be.

It all started this way: Here I was floundering like a fish out of water. I had started my day trading career just like you. A few good ideas of which stocks to trade, and two big "brass balls".

My ideas on paper worked, but in practice, my trading executions sucked.  Plain and simple!  I bought when should not have and I panicked and sold when I should buy or hold. I was a mess!!!  Good ideas require good execution!

Then I was introduced to a simple concept of the Pivot Point. My trading profits SOARED!  In fact, the Pivot Point Calculator is so easy to use, anyone can make profitable trades using in it ALONE!  But I am getting ahead of myself here. So please, bear with me.

As I said above, the Pivot Point in a day trade is the price at which a stock will usually "break out" or "collapse" for the day. 

Sounds simple, the problem was you needed a formula and then you need to apply the formula to each stock you want to trade. But it still was not that simple. The next problem was, you still needed more information to make it work for you.  You needed to truly understand how the pivot point affected the a stock.  That's when the work began.  Studying stock patterns!

After researching, testing, tweaking, and losing money on many stock trades, I finally came up with the right formulas to make the Pivot Point Calculator work just right! Did you notice that the word "formula" was plural, as in more than one formula? That's right, more than one formula is applied to each stock.

You can apply the Pivot Point Calculator to all kinds of trades. Stock, Options, Indexes,  and now the QQQQ, DIA, and more. On a daily basis, I use the Pivot Point of the DOW, COMP, and S&P to tell me when to get in and when to get out of the market each day. It is amazingly accurate.

Pivot points also help me hone my trading skills.


Enough of my wild claims, let me show you, using real examples in this current 2005 market, of just a few ways the Calculator make me money.

Here's just a couple of recent trades.



Get Googled!


Ok, so I was stupid... didn't buy GOOG on the new issue at 85, nor at 150, or at 200, you get the point.

So the other day I decided to start following GOOG with the Pivot Point Calculator.

On this day, I set up GOOG in my stock viewer with all the alerts from the Pivot Point Calculator for the day, and then I forgot about the stock.

If you follow GOOG, you know that the volatility is great, but at 280 a share so is the risk.

Around 10:33, I get an alert for one of my indicators. This indicator tells me that with almost 95% accuracy the stock has bottomed out and will reverse. Now what does this mean.
This means that a stock will stop going down, start going up for a short time.... a limited window.... On a $20 to $50 stock this may mean 40 to 75 cents of movement. More than enough to make a good little profit. BUT, on GOOG, this movement is more than likely a 2 to 5 dollar move..... BIG Profit.

Look at the graph below and check out my profit... the Calculator did all the work.........SWEET!!!

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This same day around 2:30, I get another signal for a stock I follow, MERQ... same thing.  Stock has hit the reversal point, I jump in, make my normal 50 cents per share profit. See below, remember the Calculator did all the work.

Googled 2:

OK, great day so far, just a little while later, GOOG, hits the reversal point again. Now this was a little more risky, I'm not big on double dipping. But reversal points can be real strong, so I jump in and pick up 2 more points. BINGO.


Let me explain something to you.  Since I have used this calculator for some time, I don't think when I get an indicator, I just buy.  No charting, no fundamentals, no nothing.  Just blind faith that this calculator works!!!
(I am not recommending you trade this way, this is just how I do it because I know this works for me. I suggest that you paper trade all stocks prior to risking any money.  My returns many not be representative of yours.)

Any stock that I have put in the calculator responds  to the reversal point the same way.  95% of the time I have a profitable trade.

Ok, so those are great trades on stocks that were going down. Lets look at a couple of what I call my normal trades.

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A Marvelous Trade!


Marvel closed the day before below the Pivot Point.  Just after the open, it traded up above the Pivot Point and gave good confirmation of this.... take a look at this trade... another winner and remember the Calculator did all the work.

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I could go on and on, but you see how this works.  There is a lot more you can do with the Pivot Point Stock Calculator, all you need to do is work with it!

Reality Check:  You will lose money trading stocks.  I know of NO day trader who does not lose money trading.  The obvious goal is to be ahead at the end of the day.  The Pivot Point Calculator helps you be ahead at the end of the day.  However, there are days I go home hurting, it is inevitable!

The bottom line is: "How can you day trade stocks without this?" Even if your just an easy going swing or casual day trader you need this!  The Stock Pivot Point Calculator is so easy to use, any one can make money trading stock with it!

The Pivot Point Calculator Pro can make your trading easier, safer, and more profitable.

The Pivot Point Calculator will tell you the following information about any stock you trade for that day:

The Pivot Point
Three IMPORTANT Resistance Points
Three IMPORTANT Support Points
The all important Profit Spread Potential
The Key REVERSAL POINT, which is 95% accurate

The Pivot Point Calculator will do all the work for you and calculate these points. All you need to do is input in some simple data on each stock.

Best of all, the Pivot Point Calculator does not require you to subscribe to any services, make any monthly payments, buy any other daily, monthly, or yearly expensive subscriptions.

All you need is your brokerage account, access to quotes, and that's it.

The original Pivot Point Calculator (our first commercially sold calc) was sold for $99 and gave only 3 indicators.

This version of the calculator gives 9 indicators, calculates 10 stocks at a time so you can work quicker.

It should be sold for $200- $400 dollars. Hey, it made me a couple of thousand dollars on the trades above (GOOG, MERQ) alone last week in one day!

But for a limited time only, we are offering, the first 1000 (149 left) who purchase or upgrade to the Pivot Point Calculator Pro, the low price of just $49. This price will not last, SOON the price will be raised and the calculators will be sold for $99. So don't delay!

But You don't have to pay anything to try the
Pivot Point Calculator Pro!

The Pivot Point Calculator Pro comes in electronic form, that means you download this to your computer. You can keep it open while you trade and check pivot points for any stock you trade. You can calculate 10 stocks at a time and then print it out. (that's what I do, I love to make notes on the paper)

The Pivot Point Calculator Pro comes with complete and easy to use instructions, including what each indicator means and how to apply it to your stocks!

To purchase the Pivot Point Calculator Pro before I raise the price, click on the BUY NOW link below, NOW! If you don't, you risk the next time you click on it you will have to pay more!

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The Pivot Point Calculator Pro comes with simple documentation. Just click on the easy to use help links. They are real obvious and easy to follow.. NO HiTech experience required to use this product!

Do it now and increase you trading profits today!

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Thanks for your time and good trading!

My best to the best, YOU!

Jason Richards,
JLR Group Inc.
2100 Constitution Blvd
Sarasota, FL 34231

PS: Not a single day goes by where I have not profited from the use of Stock Pivot Point Calculator.   Once you get used to using it, you will NEVER EVER trade a stock again with out first checking it out on the the Stock Pivot Point Calculator.  I guarantee it!


Earnings disclaimer:
* The Pivot Point Calculator is a trading tool. Not a stock trading program.
Profit estimates solely depend on trading style and execution and are not
the same for all traders. Use of the Pivot Point Calculator is done so at your own risk.


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